Italian is a Romance language spoken by around 65 million people. The vast majority live in Italy, but Italian is also an official language in Malta, San Marino, Switzerland and the Vatican City, and is also spoken in parts of Croatia and Slovenia.

RAI Cultura – Italian national broadcaster RAI produced a video series targeted at Italian learners at levels A1 – B2. The series is a little dated, but there is a huge amount of material. Free to use.

Speak Italian With Your Mouth Full – an interesting experimental video series from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, combining beginners’ Italian and the fundamentals of Italian cooking! Includes a set of recipes. Free to use.

Wellsley College  – this US university has made Italian courses at three levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced – available on the EDX platform. There’s a lot of material to explore such as videos, podcasts and reading materials. Free to use – but you can pay to receive a certificate from the institution.

Header image by Bogdan Dada on unsplash