Want to become a Glot?

Would you like to be interviewed about the language you’re learning? If so, just get in touch!

Do you have some of the questions below? Take a read and see if you find the answer you need.

You’ve already interviewed someone who’s learning the same language. Do you still want to interview me?

Of course! Everyone will have a different experience of the language they’re learning, and yours is just as valuable as theirs. However, it’s a good idea to think what would make your interview different to the other person’s. We want to have good, detailed accounts of people’s experiences with other languages, and ideally information about different resources or ways of learning for other people to find out about.

I have learned another language or was raised bilingually. Can I still offer an interview?

Absolutely! As someone who already speaks a language other than English you will be able to offer insights that others will probably find very useful!

I’m learning a little-spoken, dead or invented language. Can I be interviewed about that?

Yes! Whether you’re learning Manx, Latin or Klingon, you will have interesting motivations and importantly, ways of learning it. As someone who has never learned these kinds of languages, I would be fascinated to interview someone who is doing so!