What is this website for?

This website supports English speakers learning foreign languages, especially those living in Cardiff and south east Wales. They can find out about news and events, browse resources, and read about the language-learning journeys of others.

The website focuses on native English speakers because as a group we are less likely to learn and speak other languages. This website aims to change that!

The core of this website is interviews with native English speakers about their experiences learning foreign languages. If you would like to be interviewed, find out more here.

What’s with the name?

The Greek word ‘polyglot’ means someone who can speak multiple languages. The online polyglot community is large and well-established and more and more language learning materials have been made available digitally, which has increased the visibility of language learning and being a polyglot enormously.

However, there don’t seem to be any communities for people who are learning their first foreign languages, or who don’t primarily study languages in their free time but want to learn them. Despite the increasing availability of material, language learning in the English-speaking world is still seen as unusual and only possible for a gifted few – even though a huge amount is available in English!

As I don’t want to target polyglots or linguists, I have taken the word ‘poly’ off, leaving glot. I am defining it as a short way of saying ‘language learner who doesn’t speak many languages’. I am focussing on ‘glots’ in Cardiff and the surrounding area of south east Wales.

Why just Cardiff?

I am using Cardiff as a short (but not great) way of saying south east Wales. The majority of language learning groups and opportunities to take courses are based in Cardiff. However I will include news and events from across the region if I can find them – this is where I rely on knowledgeable followers sending me tips and information!

I don’t want to make the scope of the project any larger because I want to keep the content relevant to people who live in the area and for local glots to contact each other easily.

But if you want to make a similar website in your area, there’s nothing stopping you! Please just get in touch to find out what I did to prepare for this project.

Is this website about Brexit?

Not particularly. This website is not restricted to European languages, and I don’t believe that either side of the Brexit campaign necessarily more in favour of learning languages than the other. The main goal of this website is to make and keep Britain more linguistically diverse, and support people who want to learn other languages from all over the world.

Is this website about Welsh?

Not really. The opportunities for learning Welsh are very visible, even in parts of Wales where it is not very widely spoken.

I definitely want to include the experiences of people learning Welsh and Welsh resources, but I want to keep it in proportion with other languages featured on the site.

For a great website focussing exclusively on learning Welsh, visit gocymraeg.wordpress.com


Do you have a question but can’t find the answer? Let me know by email and I’ll include it here for others!

Header image by Geralt on Pixabay