Every month, the five best language learning resources will be collected together in one post. Here’s January’s edition – try them out and let us know what you think!

5 Norwegian on the Web – want to learn a bit of Norwegian? This is a beginner’s course in the language hosted by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Move through ten chapters to learn the basics of the language, with dedicated sections on grammar and vocabulary.

4 Ètudier en France – have you been studying French for a while and want to challenge yourself? This online course is designed for students who will be studying in a French-speaking country, but is also open to all learners of French, whatever their age! It’s offered by the École Polytechnique in Paris, and begins on 20 February for six weeks.

3 Radio Garden – do you listen to the radio in the language you’re learning? Want to find lots more radio stations? Rotate the globe with Radio Garden and stream live radio from across the world through your computer!

Screenshot, radio.garden

2 Routledge Colloquials – until 28 February, Routledge are offering free access online to ten titles in their Colloquials series, including French, Italian, Russian, and Spanish. But you can also access the audio for more than 70 courses in the series here.

1 Francolab – are you keen on learning about the history and culture of Quebec and practicing your French at the same time? Francolab brings these together with videos on a variety of subjects and quizzes to test your comprehension.

Screenshot, Francolab.ca

Are you using a great language website or app that everyone should know about? Then get in touch and it will go up on the site!


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