Every month, the five best language learning resources will be collected together in one post. Here’s December’s edition – try them out and let us know what you think!

5  Russian For Free – While this isn’t the slickest website in the world, where it makes up for it is the huge number of resources available in one place. Start with sounding out the Russian alphabet, or if you’re more advanced, try watching cartoons, reading comics, or listening to music!

4 Practice Portuguese – Specially created to give learners of European Portuguese more resources, this website features a free monthly podcast in Portuguese, targeted at speakers of different levels. Users of the website can also pay a subscription for access to more content, such as learning new phrases and practicing over 250 verbs!

Screenshot, practiceportuguese.com

3 Deutsch – Warum Nicht? – This nicely-produced audio course aims to get listeners from basic German to conversational fluency in 104 lessons. It was developed by German broadcaster Deutsche Welle with the help of the Goethe Institut, so has a good deal of expertise behind it.

2 Frantastique – Have you learned a lot of French but need to keep it going in an interesting and convenient way? Frantastique helps you to perfect your French with interactive lessons delivered to you by email. Follow Victor Hugo as he voyages through a Francophone universe filled with funny characters. You can try out a free trial for a week before paying for a subscription.

1 Speak Italian With Your Mouth Full – Want to learn two skills at once? This experimental course from Massachusetts Institute of Technology teaches beginners’ Italian as well as the fundamentals of Italian cooking! Learn along with a group of students in a series of Youtube videos. Ideal for budding multi-lingual cooks!

Screenshot, youtube.com

Are you using a great language website or app that everyone should know about? Then get in touch and it will go up on the site!


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